New registrant creates a profile in 2020 and enrolls in a certification course (this year).
Agent passes the certification course, a SOW (Statement of Work) is offered and the agent starts servicing.
Agent successfully services the first 60 hours/120 intervals.

$200 per registrant

Qualify to earn extra revenue
by participating in the 2020 Referral Program!

IMPORTANT! The new registrant must enter CSP ID 1610426 on their profile creation page. Arise will not make the payment if this step is not completed.

• Please note the referral program is effective as of July 1, 2020, all new registrants who created their profile in 2020, will be eligible for the referral payment if they enroll in a course during the 2020 calendar year!
• If the registrant you referred drops, fails or is cancelled (voluntary or involuntary) from the first certification course selected, you will not have met the eligibility requirements. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE GRANTED.
• Referral payments will be made at the completion of the servicing requirement a month in arrears.


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