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What are we looking for?

Our goal here at SmartSelect Technologies is to Contract Top performers with the motivation to be the best of the best. We strive for outstanding service and expect to produce outstanding results for our clients and their customers.

We are looking for somebody who is excited to be involved in the virtual opportunity we have to offer. A person that is able to demonstrate extensive knowledge and provide professional customer service. We are looking for some who has excellent written and verbal communication, and has the ability to resolve customer inquiries.

Are you strongly motivated to take care of the customer, and leave the customer with a SMILE on their face. This is the opportunity just for you!

Submit An Application to get started!

Immediately after application submission, you will receive instructions on how to register with our Call Center and have access to client opportunities currently seeking your services! You will also be able to attend a Live Orientation Session where your questions and answers about this opportunity can be addressed before you move forward!

If you have any questions or concerns prior to getting started, please don't hesitate to use the Live Chat function in the bottom right of your screen or give us a call @ 954-482-9175.

Our Company ID is 94791. Please enter this # when you register as an Agent of a Call Center on Arise.