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Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal here at SmartSelect Technologies is to Contract Top performers with the motivation to be the best of the best. We strive for outstanding service and expect to produce outstanding results for our clients and their customers.

Below you will find answers to questions commonly asked. You can also view our full knowledge base here or you can contact us to speak with a representative.

We understand you have questions about this, so let us simplify it for you!

Fortune 500 companies outsource their call volume through our Call Center. We then find agents, such as yourself, to work from home and connect with the Fortune 500 companies in need of services. You must go through a certification course to service the company you choose. Once certified, you will begin to provide your services and start taking inbound customer service calls from home. Everything is done electronically over the computer making the process VERY SIMPLE. You will utilize your Home Telephone Line with a Call Center headset to receive calls from the company you choose to service. You will also learn during your certification course on how to login to the company systems in order to provide service. It’s just like being in a call center, except from home!

Working from home allows you the ability to still pay bill but spend time with your family. It allows you to avoid commute, office drama, and additionally you save on spending.

Your able to choose who you work for and the pay you receive will depend on the company you choose to provide your service. You choose the hours you work, whether that’s full time or part time on a week-to-week basis.

Partner with us today! We would love to have you and connect you with the Fortune 500 companies seeking your service. You can start by Submitting An Application.


There are so many Work from Home Scams out there, it’s hard to know who to trust, right? SmartSelect Technologies is a partner with several Fortune 500 Companies, of which has been in business for 15+ years providing real work-from-home opportunities with Fortune 500 companies. There are thousands of companies providing services in this field!

Partner with us today so we can get you started with Fortune 500 Companies needing your services! Your more than welcome to chat with us (in the bottom right) or give us a call (954-482-9175) if you have any questions!

During initial registration, you will be responsible for your background check which is $9.99. You will make this payment to a third-party vendor, First Advantage. You will be requested to submit your background check once you are finalized with our Call Center on Arise.

After you have passed your initial background check, and have access to client opportunities, you will then choose a client of which you will have to go through a Certification Course in order to service for them – The courses have a minimum cost is $19.00, and can go as high as $250.00 (rare) depending on the client. You do not have to pay for certification until you are client qualified. This amount is to cover your certification course, background check, and maintain client technology to ensure your able to service from home. Being we are a Premier Partner; we can accommodate a voucher that reduces the course costs and in certain situations provide the courses to you absolutely FREE.

You can start the process today by Submitting an Application.

Your compensation can be little. It can be small. It is solely up to you how much you would like to work and the amount of hours you would like to service. Some clients do offer bonuses so you can make extra revenues. Some clients have a base rate, and you make additionally revenue depending on the task you complete per call. It’s solely up to you and you can definitely bring any questions to us.

There are clients that are open 24/7 to make it very convenient for you. We have team members who make between $500 – $1200+ twice a month.

The Premier Partner program was created to reward high-achieving companies with incentives and perks. SmartSelect Technologies is a Premier Partner with the platform we utilize. Out of 1200 registered Call Centers, under 30 are selected to be apart of the Premier Partner Program.

What are the benefits of choosing a Premier Partner?

  • Receive course vouchers only from a Premier Partner which will compensate for course costs or cover them in full.
  • Service Partner has Direct Contact with Management.
  • Premier Partners attend “special” meetings to find out information first-hand!
  • Access to new clients prior to all Service Partners
  • Easy, fast, and efficient problem resolution.

And more of all, you will be partnering with a reputable call center recognized by the platform!

You may start with us today by Submitting an Application!

No. As a Independent Contractor, you are responsible for any investment for certification courses that are needed to provide your services for the client you choose. We do offer from time to time premier partner course vouchers which can assist you with reducing course costs or completing providing the course to you for free. Anytime we are issuing vouchers, they will be included in our CSP Only Marketing Emails and posted in the #client-board channel on Discord once you have registered under our Business.

You must reside in the United States to work from home.

At this time we are not supporting opportunities for residents of the following states:

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • Oregon
  • Wisconsin

You are also able to move to any state (not listed above) and still provide services – many jobs don’t provide you this flexibility or require a extended transfer process.

In order to show our appreciation to military families, we are offering special incentives exclusively available to entrepreneurial-minded active military, military spouses, and veterans. 

Eligibility Requirements:

You must be a military spouse, veteran, veteran spouse or a Active Member or Enlisted in the US Armed Forces.


50% off your first client certification course (which can average between $50 and $200)

Please go here to learn more about this incentive!

You are a independent contractor and you are responsible for your own taxes (1099). We do not take any taxes out on your behalf. You will receive a 1099 at the end of the year if you made $500 or more while registered with us. We advise to meet with a tax specialist if you have anymore questions. You will have online access to review your Invoices.

You can register as a..

  • Individual Sole Proprietor
    • With this option, the business relationship is between you and Arise. We are no longer the middleman. Thus meaning any legal issues, disputes, taxes, direct deposit, etc. will have to and only be done through you. This eliminates us as a Call Center representing and defending on your behalf.
    • You will also miss out having the ability to receive incentives or course vouchers providing you with free courses which allows you to save revenue. These options are available to Call Center Owners or Agents under a Call Center
  • New Call Center Business
    • We recommend this option to people who have a EIN and looking to become a business on the platform. With this option, you are able to recruit agents – however, you are solely responsible for any legal issues, disputes, taxes, direct deposit for you and your agents recruit. If you plan to be on the platform yourself, and rather generate revenue without being under a business (excluding the benefits of incentives and course vouchers, and MUCH MORE) than we recommend you register as a ISP instead of a Call Center Owner.
  • Agent Working for a Call Center (Recommended)
    • We simply recommend this if you want to have that overhead protection. Registering under a Call Center gives you that level of protection in all aspects. We are the ones who will dispute anything you have with Arise, handle all legal matters on your behalf, handle your taxes, your direct deposit, etc. We represent as the middleman between you, Arise and the client.
    • This option also gives you the ability to receive incentives (save a lot of money) and course vouchers (receive free course) when you register under a Call Center.
    • Registering under us also gives you that level of support to ensure you have a direct line of communication with a representative here who will ensure you understand the platform, assist you where needed, and fight on your behalf to ensure your success.
    • Partner with us today to receive our Company ID!
  1. Submit your Application.
  2. Upon application submission, you will be redirected to a page with Instructions on how to get started (you will also receive a email with the same steps).
  3. Complete Orientation and ensure you have registered with our company prior to Orientation.
  4. After Orientation, you will be granted access to additional modules in our CSP Portal (such as Pay Rates and the CSP Central) that will help you get started.
  5. Choose a Client once you are ready if you comfortable with what’s in store!

It’s just as easy as 1 2 3 4 5 STEPS!!

You can start your work-at-home career today by submitting an application now!