Good Day,

A Interval Release Form must be completed anytime you release a interval or unable to service due to Technical Issues while in the 48 hour lockdown period.. Whether it’s personal (including technical issues) or due to an emergency, the form must be submitted.

Anytime we conduct an audit (once a week) we will review submissions to the Interval Release Form. If any agent didn’t make any submissions, and isn’t in compliance with their Commitment Adherence – a SOW termination will be issued. Thus meaning, it’s important you submit this form anytime a interval cannot be serviced due to tech issues or you release a interval within the 48 hour lockdown period to ensure you aren’t in jeopardy for SOW termination. Technical or Personal – it must be submitted for documentation purposes for any intervals released or experienced technical issues within your 48 hour lockdown period. Unless it’s a Technical Issue that wasn’t resolved, anything outside of this period does not have to be submitted as it will not impact your Commitment Adherence.

Only complete this form if you released intervals in the lockdown period/unable to service intervals (technical issues, or personal). If it was due to a technical issue, be sure to include the INC from Tech Support or a Screenshot for Global Waivers..

Thank you!

You can find this form under the “Servicing” section in your CSP Portal.

This post was originally published on July 1, 2019.

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